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Ripple ($XRP) vs. SEC Case: Who will Win?

Who will win, SEC vs. Ripple (XRP)?
Ripple Counsel STU Alderoty provided the latest argument and update in the Ripple case that SEC doesn’t have power to remake the law, only congress can remake the law. This case is only hurting the retail investors that the SEC promises to protect, he further added. He also stated that the SEC is not applying any law and it’s not a faithful allegiance to the law. 

Top 5 Best Crypto Credit Cards

Spending your crypto in real world is still a task we all struggle with. So, how about paying your favourite coffee or shop with your crypto tokens? The challenge here is that not all websites, retailers or shops accept cryptocurrencies. And a solution to this dilemma is crypto credit.

textile australian flag with crumples

Cryptocurrency Regulations: Australia

Australia was one of the countries that placed progressive outlook on Cryptocurrencies. Australia’s crypto regulatory framework came into existence in 2017, particularly specifying Bitcoin to be treated as property subjecting to capital tax gains. Previously, there was controversial double taxation under Australia’s goods and services tax (GST), which was quickly replaced by the progressive outlook. …

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