Top 5 Best Crypto Credit Cards

Virtual Digital Assets (VDAs) has got public recognition across the globe after their 13-year long journey. The uses cases of VDAs are not just limited to trading and investing, but transparent value transactions is one of the important utilities. In this blog, Blockchain Papers team delves into top crypto cards in the world. Spending your crypto in real world is still a task we all struggle with. So, how about paying your favourite coffee or shop with your crypto tokens? The challenge here is that not all websites, retailers or shops accept cryptocurrencies. And a solution to this dilemma is crypto credit.

Crypto credit and debit card work pretty much like their regular counterparts. The key difference is that in crypto credit cards rewards are offered on your monthly expenses in cryptos. Each crypto card differs in the way they process these decentralised token rewards to their holders. Some of these credit cards allow you to make payments for your fiat credit card outstanding bill in crypto tokens lying on your crypto wallet.

Like crypto credit cards, crypto debit card are also available. Coinbase and issue crypto debit cards to their customers. These debit cards allows you to spend your crypto holdings for online and offline purchases and in the process they provide some returns in their native currency based on a percentage of the initial purchases. 

  ANQ finance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Does India have crypto credit card? Well you will receive positive answer to this as ANQ finance which is India’s first web 3 company is about to launch its own crypto credit card with some incredible rewards. And getting this is not that burdensome which means you can easily get it by just visiting the website and getting yourself registered. You will very soon receive your metal card once you get yourself registered. The best part of this card is its stunning rewards which will be available to you after your every spent. For more details you can visit this website


Nexo card is beta tested in europe and will come out to general public in 2022. You will be able to receive many benefits from it like:

  • No credit check needed to get the cards
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • No foreign transaction fees up to 20,000 Euros
  • Enjoy up to 2%cashback on purchases
  • Virtual cards are available
  • Can be easily integrated into apple and google pay

How does nexo card works?

First users need to hold crypto in their nexo wallet for them to use the card. The card just allows people to spend money without having to sell crypto in an easy way. User use their cypto that is deposited onto nexo as collateral to take a loan out. 

For example: imagine you have 500 worth of bitcoin deposited and you purchased 100 worth of stuff with the nexo card. Immediately at the purchase 200 worth of bitcoin is locked up as collateral and that amount of bitcoin no longer earns any interest. The only exception is if nexo tokens are used as collateral. It that is the case you will continue to passively earn interest on nexo tokens.

Advantages and disadvantages 

  1. Advantages
  • Instant access and don’t need to sell crypto to use funds
  • Cashback 
  • Potentially really good perks if using nexo tokens as collateral
  1. Disadvantages
  • Interest accrues immediately so to avoid interest need to pay off the balance daily
  • Need some crypto to use as collateral
  • Collateral which gets locked up doesn’t earn interest

Gemini credit card                     

Gemini credit card is a mastercard that is issued by the company web bank and according to Gemini website it is the only crypto card that deposits your crypto rewards instantly. Basically this means that as soon as you make a payment for a qualifying purchase you will receive a notification that your crypto rewards have been sent directly to your account. This card is another best crypto credit card in the list. Benefits of this card are listed below

  • Up to 3% back
  • Rewards in bitcoin, or 60+ other cryptos
  • No annual fees

Pros and cons of Gemini credit card

  1. Pros
  • Earn upto 3% on dining, 2% on groceries and 1% on other purchases
  • Earn rewards in Bitcoin or any crypto on Gemini and receive rewards in real time
  • No exchange fees to acquire your crypto rewards
  • Manage and freeze your card from the app
  • No annual fee
  1. Cons
  • No welcome bonus
  • Only two bonus categories
  • The card FAQ is short on details 

Blockfi rewards visa signature cards:      

This card is the unlimited bitcoin back on all purchases card. Benefits of this card are listed below:

  • It is unlimited 1.5 back in bitcoin 
  • 2% back after you spent 50,000 dollars annually
  • 3.5% back in crypto during your first 3 months on up to 5,000 dollars of spend
  • 4.5% interest on your bitcoin
  • Up to 9.5% on stable coin
  • There are no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees
  • Get pre-approved for this card with no impact to your credit

SoFi credit card                                      

The cards primary selling point is how convenient it is, you can manage your banking, investments, loans and most recently credit card all on one place with sofi. Users who want to sign up for all of sofi’s account will be able to manage all of their finances on sofi’s user friendly website and app in one location. The sofi credit card is a cashback credit card. The card may appear to be a top flat rate rewards credit card with incredibly low interest thanks to great features like unlimited cashback and a reduced APR after 12 on time payments. The sofi card is intended for users who want to increase their savings, reduce their debt or begin investing. Because of this points only have a 50% value when used in a qualified sofi account.

Pros and cons

  1. Pros
  • Earn 3% cashback rewards over a year when you setup direct deposit with sofi
  • Earn 2% limitless cashback on purchases after that
  • Greeting offer after receiving approval for the sofi credit card
  • No annual fees
  • Regular APR varies from 12.99% to 24.99% drops by 1% after 12 months of on-time payments
  • Has mastercard world elite perks
  1. Cons
  • When points are redeemed as statement credits, their value is reduced by 50% to 0.5 cents each
  • Must maintain a sofi checking, saving or invest account to keep full amount of incentives
  • Has a high balance transfer charge and no introductory APR offers 

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